Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's Starting to Come Together

The team has been hard at work in and out of the shop. On the car front we were able to get all of the suspension members mounted this week. We also received the front uprights from George Wohlrab, the schools machinist, which came out great and mounted right up. We also settled on a plastic for the body panels, PETG. This material is lightweight and easy to form and should make an excellent body. In addition to the work in the shop we have been finalizing our cost report. The cost report is a document which calculates the cost of manufacturing 1000 cars in one year. The team did very well on this report last competition and are looking to continue the good work. All in all it has been a very productive week with more assemblies being put on its beginning to look like a car. The next steps are to get the differential mounted, the axles cut and fitted, and get the new engine running.

The car with all the suspension arms on and tires mounted to two wheels.

Rear suspension arms, upright, and toe adjust.

View from the front of the car.

Front suspension arms, upright, and hub with tire mounted.