Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cost Report Submitted

Yesterday the team mailed in the cost report completing all of the paperwork for this years competition. At 256 pages it was quite a project. Thankfully last years team set up a great system for us to use to get it done, thanks Billy. With all the paperwork done the team can focus solely on the car. With a lot of work to do the team is working fervently and everyday that passes we can see the car getting closer to completion. The goal right now is to get the car completed, take it apart, paint it, and put it back together by the end of the month to have it ready for the Stevens Car Show on May 2nd.

Monday, March 29, 2010

SAE Car Show -- May 2nd

Stevens Formula SAE and Autism Speaks will be co-sponsoring a Car Show on May 2nd on the Stevens Campus. The team will be revealing the 2010 car at this event and would like to invite everyone to attend.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's Starting to Come Together

The team has been hard at work in and out of the shop. On the car front we were able to get all of the suspension members mounted this week. We also received the front uprights from George Wohlrab, the schools machinist, which came out great and mounted right up. We also settled on a plastic for the body panels, PETG. This material is lightweight and easy to form and should make an excellent body. In addition to the work in the shop we have been finalizing our cost report. The cost report is a document which calculates the cost of manufacturing 1000 cars in one year. The team did very well on this report last competition and are looking to continue the good work. All in all it has been a very productive week with more assemblies being put on its beginning to look like a car. The next steps are to get the differential mounted, the axles cut and fitted, and get the new engine running.

The car with all the suspension arms on and tires mounted to two wheels.

Rear suspension arms, upright, and toe adjust.

View from the front of the car.

Front suspension arms, upright, and hub with tire mounted.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The team has been hard at work making progress on every sub-assembly of the car. All of the rear engine mounts have been fabricated and fitted. We are working on designing and installing the front mounts, which will utilize the stock R6 mounting plates for easy installation and removal of the engine. The team also fabricated the mounts for the pedals and designed an adjustable seat for this years car. We also finalized the design for the body which will consist of three plastic body panel and a fiberglass nose. The plastic panels will be along the sides of the car and one over the front to act as a hood. The fiberglass nose will cover the impact attenuator. The picture below will give you an idea of where the plastic panels will be. With tons of work still to do on the car we are planning on working over spring break, next week, to get the car done in time. The goal for the coming week is to have all of the mounts for the different components installed and hopefully have a rolling chassis. We are also hard at work on the Cost Report another critical piece of the competition. The cost report is based on a production run of 1000 cars in one year. The team must cost all aspects of the car down to the installation of the nuts and blots. Last years team was able to place 15th in this event and with their help we hope to do just as well. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but are confident that this years car will be the most competitive in school history.

Pedals mounted in the car

Pedal mounting plates

Finished rear engine mounts

Body panel mock-up
The big board with all of the tasks

Friday, March 5, 2010

Suspension and Engine Progress

The team has made lots of progress since the last post. We have completed all of the suspension arms and are working on the frame mounts. Fabrication of the rear knuckles has also begun. They have been jigged and are in the process of finish welding. After the engine failure last week the team scrambled to find a new engine and in the process made contact with Bay Cycles in Bayonne. With help from them we have found a new R6 engine to put in our car. With this great news we are working on mocking up the engine mounts with our old engine, while awaiting the new one. We are at the point where all of the components we have designed are coming together and we are starting to see the fruits of our labor.

Suspension Arms

Rear Knuckles getting welded

Rear Engine Mounts

Monday, March 1, 2010

Action Deadline 1 Met

The team has successfully submitted the first round of Action Deadline material to the Formula SAE judges. This includes the Impact Attenuator Data, the Design Report, and the Design Spec Sheet. The major piece of this was the Impact Attenuator Report. For this the team had to design and build a device to limit the forces on the driver in the event of a front end collision. Our design was a box filled with aluminum honeycomb sheets. To test our design the team dropped a 417 kg weight from about 6 feet on the the attenuator. Data was collected and our design passed with flying colors, to see a video of the test click here.

New impact attenuator

Attenuator in position for test.

Crushed attenuator after the test.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Engine Failure

The team suffered a major setback last week with the failure of our Yamaha R6 engine. During a test run last Wednesday white smoke began pouring out of the exhaust and we knew something was wrong. Upon further inspection we found that one of the connecting rods had broken and seriously damaged a cylinder ans one of the valves. Unfortunately we will not be able to salvage this engine and are looking for another. The team will continue to build the car while we hunt down another engine. We are confident that we can still make it to competition and be competitive.

Some of the carnage