Thursday, March 11, 2010

The team has been hard at work making progress on every sub-assembly of the car. All of the rear engine mounts have been fabricated and fitted. We are working on designing and installing the front mounts, which will utilize the stock R6 mounting plates for easy installation and removal of the engine. The team also fabricated the mounts for the pedals and designed an adjustable seat for this years car. We also finalized the design for the body which will consist of three plastic body panel and a fiberglass nose. The plastic panels will be along the sides of the car and one over the front to act as a hood. The fiberglass nose will cover the impact attenuator. The picture below will give you an idea of where the plastic panels will be. With tons of work still to do on the car we are planning on working over spring break, next week, to get the car done in time. The goal for the coming week is to have all of the mounts for the different components installed and hopefully have a rolling chassis. We are also hard at work on the Cost Report another critical piece of the competition. The cost report is based on a production run of 1000 cars in one year. The team must cost all aspects of the car down to the installation of the nuts and blots. Last years team was able to place 15th in this event and with their help we hope to do just as well. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but are confident that this years car will be the most competitive in school history.

Pedals mounted in the car

Pedal mounting plates

Finished rear engine mounts

Body panel mock-up
The big board with all of the tasks