Monday, January 25, 2010

2010 Car Update

After a successful competition appearance in 2009, the Stevens Formula SAE Team is working on a completely new car for the 2010 Michigan competition. With the experience gained from last year, the team is eager to build a better, more competitive car for this year. With the departure of the 2009 senior design team, a new group has taken on the project and is making great progress. The new senior design team is comprised of six seniors: Brandon Murphy, Chad Edwards, Fidelio Sime Segura, John Cheney, Matt Gordon, and Tom Paddack. Their hard work in the fall semester has gotten the team into a great position to be very competitive in Michigan this year.

At this time, most of the chassis has been tacked together and will soon be taken to Majka Railing, a sponsor based in Paterson, NJ, for help with finishing the welds. The team has also been working on the engine for this year’s car, which is a Yamaha R-6. They are beginning to modify the motorcycle’s original engine harness for use in the car. The team’s next goal is to machine the hubs and fabricate the other suspension components.

With a lot of work ahead of them, the team is confident that this car will be one of the most competitive in school history.