Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Too busy in the shop to remember to update

We have made some great progress in the 3weeks since last post.
Camera broke :( hope for some new pics up soon.

Exhaust is well on its way thanks to the very generous work and donations by Richie from
It is greatly appreciated

Fiberglass has seen the mold created and shaped.
The first attempt at learning to fiberglass is underway; some great results are developing

The braking problem previously mentioned has been solved and is awaiting the purchase of a new pedal assembly. We should not be receiving the 35 point penalty.

The engine was finished being rebuilt, with intake attached. Are attempting to figure out the wiring harness and ECU; but will probably need to wait till the new one arrives.
-Second engine ordered and on the way

I was interviewed today by Melissa from the Stute and there should be an article in the next weeks student newspaper. This should increase awareness and participation in the project. There are many systems underway and we are well prepared for the new members.

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